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Importance of Dental Health and Fluoride

Importance of dental health

Importance of Dental Health and Fluoride

The importance of dental health and fluoride is often looked over. When the topic of discussing health and wellness is taken up, we tend to talk about many different parts of the body but we tend to skip oral health and hygiene. Very seldom do we realize that Dental health is an important part of our health and wellness and to add to it, Fluoride plays an important part in it. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the importance of dental health and Fluoride is important towards maintaining it.

Importance Of Dental Health:

1. Beginning of Relationship:

A smiling face always looks good and a healthy mouth is the beginning of new relationships. With clean and healthy teeth, we can make our smile more attractive and promote healthy communication.

2. Correct Digestion of Food:

Healthy teeth are essential for chewing and grinding activities. Chewing food properly helps in proper digestion and provides proper nutrition to the body.

3. Language Health:

Along with healthy teeth, there is also a healthy language, which helps in maintaining correct pronunciation and hygiene.

4. Symbol of good health:

Dental health is a symbol of general health. It can also reduce bad breath and other oral problems and help in achieving good health.

Importance of Fluoride:

1. Prevention from cavities:

Fluoride helps protect teeth from cavities. It forms a protective layer on the teeth’s surface which helps in reducing the chances of cavities.

2. Promotes teeth strength:

Using fluoride increases the strength of teeth, strengthening them with tooth enamel. It helps in protecting the teeth from caries and provides them support in eating and drinking hot and cold.

3. Caries Control:

Fluoride provides a major defense against dental caries. These insects try to damage the teeth, but in the presence of fluoride their effect is reduced and keeps the teeth safe.

4. Important for children:

The importance of fluoride and its availability in the right quantity is more important for children, because it helps in the proper development of their teeth and prevents caries. This increases the strength of their teeth and takes steps towards good health.

5. General health benefits:

Fluoride not only aids in maintaining dental hygiene, but its consumption in the right amount has proven to be beneficial for general health as well. Other than getting stored in the teeth and bones, fluoride also gets absorbed in the gut. It also keeps other parts of the mouth healthy and prevents dental diseases.


Various studies conducted over time have proven that fluoride is one of the most important elements that helps in maintaining the overall good health of the teeth. If consumed in the right portions, fluoride can protect the teeth from the cavities and other related issues. It is important to consume fluoride from the right sources along with brushing our teeth on a regular basis.

Other ways to prevent tooth decay includes regular and proper eating habits, cleaning of teeth regularly and visiting the dentist for regular health checkups. This not only prevents any dental issue but also aids in detecting any issue that may become worse with time. 

Dental health is part of the overall health and it should be taken with utmost priority. Book an appointment with us here. Through general health practices there is no reason why one cannot maintain healthy teeth.

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